From the Dutch: experienced and innovative localization and mastering of content for cinemas worldwide.

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From the Dutch is a company dedicated in mastering and localizing your films and trailers, enabling these to be sent and screened without any delays in cinemas worldwide.

For the release of a film, several elements in the final film and trailer need to be added or adjusted to allow local audiences to enjoy them: such as subtitles, audio dubbing, title cards, marketing elements, etc. Combining experience with innovation, From the Dutch has become market leader in preparing independent and art house content for the Benelux market.

From the Dutch emerged out of Gofilex end of 2020, with the aim to focus on adding local elements and mastering of content with a strong connection to the distribution of content. Both companies will continue to work together with the aim to seamlessly prepare and deliver your content hassle free.

We are happy to work on your projects, and to help make your film releases a great succes!

Where the magic is happening



Creating DCP masters with state-of-the-art equipment, software and cloud solutions operated by an experienced team.

Texted elements

Fast and creative editing of title cards, classifications, dubbing cards, and texted elements.


Experienced handling, spotting, and adding subtitles to your content.

Adding audio

Flexible compilation of audio dub files, and audio conversion to meet cinema standards.


Cost efficient, reliable and fast deliveries of your content for online or VOD platforms.


Ensuring hassle free distribution by quality checking each version in our screening room.

Your Team

Henne Verhoef
Henne Verhoef


“I am not even supposed to be here today!" – Dante Hicks, Clerks (1994)
Steven Buitinga
Steven Buitinga

"I believe that I am a honey bee" – Anthony, Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)
Zauwi Paulusma
Zauwi Paulusma

"How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?" —Uncle Rico, Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
Jesse Teutscher
Jesse Teutscher

"That Battleship Potemkin was total crap!" – Paolo Villaggio, Fantozzi (1975)


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